Lotto and Plus Results: Wednesday 05 April 2017

Lotto and Plus Results: Wednesday 05 April 2017

SA Lottery – Here are the winning numbers

Lotto: 08, 43, 26, 11, 06, 35 Bonus 27

Lotto Plus: 01, 34, 26, 06, 24, 43 Bonus 30

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  • thembi says:

    I wish to be a winner one day to buy a house for my children. Sometimes life is hard to live without your own shelter but renting someone’s property. Houses are so expensive to afford at a lower salary

  • Betta Mafumo says:

    Yaaa you r ryt Thats wat am thinking about.I do want2b a Winer

  • Hein says:

    I have been playing every lotto and power ball for more than 10 years and never won more than R30 it must be rigged because iets mathematically impossible for me to have never won more than R30 lets see whom can contradict me

  • Riaz says:

    Hi all

    It is gambling it is suppose to be difficult and impossible.
    You will win when you don’t expect it.

    We all have visions and dreams Lotto is just a ball with some reliability, let’s just wait for the best.

    Regards Lotto friends

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